HTML Publish

Publishing in HTML is really useful: contrary to PDF files, HTML publish allows you to preview each thumbnail's animation and camera moves, when putting your cursor above. And nothing else simple but read a HTML file : you just need a web browser! Composed of a HTML file and a pictures folder, it's really easy to insert them in a web page (via a FTP server) or compress them and send them by email.

You will find the needed parameters in the HTML tab of the Publish panel.

Note that this panel is only available in the Professional Edition of TVPaint Animation. You can still publish your storyboard to HTML with the Standard Edition but you won't be able to customise the export settings listed below.

Browse allows to choose the folder where the HTML file will be saved.

Copyright allows to include the owner's name (artist, studio, school...)

URL allows you to include a link to your website in your HTML file

Top-left logo and Small logo allow you to include logos of your film, series, studio, school etc..., Click on the button with three points to load an image.

Export Animation allows to export the thumbnails' animation. Disable it if you don't want to export the thumbnails' animation.

Clip Background allows to choose the background colors needed to differentiate scenes

Basically, three configurations are possibles to publish in HTML: Japanese view (rows), Occidental view (columns), Thumbnail view (only the thumbnails). You can change these views or even create your own style. If you add a new style, this window will appear:

Here you can:
• give a name to your new style
• choose how to organize your thumbnails (horizontally or vertically)
• choose the separation : no separation (as a traditional storyboard), with 1 clip per line or with 1 scene per line

Then, you will define:
• which informations will appear (scene-clip-duration)
• the preview size (thumbnail size of each clip)
• the preview view (when the cursor is not on a thumbnail) and animation view ( when the cursor is on a thumbnail)
• which comments will appear (action – dialog – notes )

At last, before publishing your storyboard in HTML, you can choose to publish it with several views at the same time: you just have to check views you are interested in. Then click on :
Publish to obtain a HTML file + an images folder
Publish (email) if you want to obtain only one compressed file, ready to be sent by email.

Here is an example of a storyboard, exported in HTML: