PDF publish

Three publication modes are available in File > Publish : PDF, HTML and EDL (note that the Standard Edition of TVPaint only supports HTML publication). Of course you can also export your storyboard as a video or an image sequence.

The first mode, Publishing in PDF is really useful for printing, in particular if you have to submit your work quickly (meeting, producer, book...). Here is how the PDF publish panel looks like:

Browse allows to choose where your PDF file will be saved.

Copyright allows to include the owner's name (artist, studio, school…)

Small Logo allows to include the logo of your film, series or even the owner's logo (studio, producer...). Click on the button with three points to load an image.

Font lets you to set the font to be used for the exported storyboard

Page Format allows you to choose the publish format (A4, A3…)

Page orientation allows you to choose the storyboard’s page orientation (Landscape or Portrait)

Layout Orientation allows you to choose the storyboard's aspect: Horizontal (Occidental) or Vertical (Japanese)

Thumbnail size allows to define the images' size. You can also choose to display a single clip per page.

Thumbnail View allows to choose the camera movement's display, following your needs:

Full project sizeCamera variable sizeCamera constant size

You can also make the thumbnails show the Camera View only.

Frame allows you to select which image will be used as a thumbnail when printing your storyboard: the first image from each clip (Clip Frame in), the last image from each clip (Clip current frame), or bookmarked images from each clip (Bookmarks).

Thumbnail infos lets you choose if the information displayed for each thumbnail should be Clip related or Project related. For example, the frame count displayed will not be the same depending on which source you’ve selected.

• Finally, you can also can also choose which information you want your storyboard to display (Show Action, Show Dialog, Show Notes, Show Hidden Clips and Show clip color).

Once the different parameters have been set, click on Publish.