Add sound

There are two ways to manage sound with TVPaint Animation : either in a global way (concerns the whole project) or in a local way (peculiar to each clip). With this lesson, you will learn how to manage global sound. Please read the lesson 06 to learn how to manage local sound.

Global sound is used for a whole project : for example, we advise you to load musics, background sounds, etc... It's interesting to note that local sounds (loaded in clips) are audible when you are playing the whole project and vice versa, if you enable Play project sound in the clip in the Sound tab, from the Preferences panel (this option is enable by default).

To load a global sound, use the timeline view in order to have the menu which allows you to load an audio track. Click on Add a soundtrack to open your documents and choose your sound.

Once loaded, your sound will appear in a thin belt. Click on the arrow on the left to have more settings and options.

The functions of the global sound are the same as the local sound. We recommend you to study the lesson 06 to know more about this subject.

Only one additional option is available for the global sound : the function Split track to clips :

This function splits global sounds and sends each part in corresponding clips, in order to manage sounds independently (for a lip-sync, for example)

So, this soundtrack will be split in each clip :