Configure your camera

Of course, you can now configure your camera in order to change its aspect or its movement. Concerning the movement, the simple way consists in selecting a camera position (click in its center)...

… then, use handles to move, reduce, enlarge or rotate the chosen camera position.

Other parameters are present in the camera's panel tool :

In addition to modify a camera position's zoom, place and rotation, you can :

• Configure a motion Blur with a percentage (the higher that percentage is, the more visible your blur will be). A motion blur increases the illusion of a fast movement.
• Change the mode as Spline, Linear or Smart spline in order to have a smooth or hard movement.
• Modify the Time profile in order to slow down or accelerate your movement : just click to obtain that window (see below) and modify your camera's speed :

RegularBegins quickly and ends slowlyBegins slowly and ends quickly

To configure your movement precisely, don't hesitate to stretch the Profile and make it as big as your timeline. That way, you can define in real time the speed and movements of your camera.

The tool panel will also allows you to :

• Lock your movement and avoid any modification
• Use commands to Invert, Load, Save or Reset your camera movement
• Change your camera's definition thanks to Parameters... button

If you are following this lesson from the beginning, you created a project with a Camera view HDTV 720 (smaller than your drawing space). If not, your camera's size is equivalent to your drawing space's size

Here, you are free to chose any pre-configured format or create your own format. If you need more information about other parameters (pixel ratio, fields...), please read the first lesson.

4/3 Borders displays on 4/3 borders on your camera's positions. Of course, you shall not use this option if your camera is already set with a 4/3 definition (or borders will not be correct).

Another function, Safe area, allows you to display the safe area. This feature is great to know the area where you can or cannot put text or subtitles. You can define the safe area by changing Out and In area, in Camera Parameters.

Chosen parameters have an influence on the camera positions. Attention ! Changing a camera's definition could change the perception of the camera movement you have previously made. So be careful and chose the camera's format before moving it.

In special cases, you will probably need to render definitively your camera movement. If so, go to Project menu and choose Render Camera to a New Project (keep layers) or Render Camera to a new merged Project (merge layers).