Make a camera movement

The camera tool is a useful function to make easy and instantaneous camera moves, which could be modified very quickly. The camera tool is placed in the main panel : When clicking on that icon, the camera is automatically set and symbolized by a green rectangle : this is the start position.

Now click again somewhere else in your drawing space. A new (blue) rectangle will appear : you have just made a camera move from start position to final position :

Now you can set intermediate between start and final positions by hauling the blue line, linking both positions together :

Here, 4 positions have been definied.

Color codes can be explained like this :
• Green = start position
• Red = final position
• Blue= camera position currently edited

Now you can play your camera movement through the camera's view thanks to both of these icons :

Now your animatic contains a camera move, you can see it in the clip's thumbnail, as a drawn schema. If you put your cursor on, you will even play the animation in the thumbnail.

There is another way to read your camera move by activating “Follow camera” in display button, at the right bottom corner.