Activate and inactivate layers

TVPaint allows you to choose which layers should be visible or hidden by activating or deactivating the layers of your choice. The content of inactive layers will be hidden from the Current Project Window (your drawing space).

Active layers are marked with a white circle located the first column of the Timeline, under the Eye icon. Inactive layers are marked with a gray circle located at the same spot. Inactive layers' names and instances are also greyed out.

Simply click on those white and gray circles to make an active layer inactive and vice versa.

You can draw only on an active layer.

Clicking on the Eye icon directly will make the following sub-menu open:

The first option will allow you to display the current layer only, whether this layer is active or not. You can also use the shortcut [=] to do so.

By default, this option only displays the current layer. However, you can manage the other layers' attenuation level through the Windows > Show > Display Settings menu. By checking the Layer Att option, you can then set a custom attenuation level using the adjacent percentage box. This will allow for other layers to be slightly visible as well when using this option.

Display current layer option with a custom "layer attenuation" levelDisplay current layer option without any "layer attenuation" level set

The other entries from the Eye-icon menu will allow you to manage the state of multiple layers at once through the Activate all Layers and Inactivate all Layers options. You can also do so in combination with your Color Group settings. Moreover, you can use the Focus on Current Color Group option to hide layers belonging to a different color group than the current one's.

Right clicking on a layer will also give you access to another menu allowing you to select all inactive layers or all active layers in a single click:

Finally, as previously seen in lesson 3, you can delete all inactive layers at once through the top Layer menu, by clicking on Delete All Layers > Inactive Layers.

Show, hide the icons

It is possible to show or hide the icons of an animation layer in the timeline. You will find this option in the contextual menu of the animation layer.

The first and last image are, however, always displayed.

Display Stencils and Papers

You may also enable display Stencil and Paper via the Display menu, in order to give you a better idea on the the working zones and the used papers.

Other options in this part of the project's window have already been explained in lesson 2.