Using the Bookmarks

To help you in your animations, particularly to distinguish key images from in-betweenings, it is possible to set Bookmarks on the important frames of your project. They will be symbolized by a blue vertical bar.
Whatever the number of layers, these signs will be visible on the chosen current frames on all of the height of the Timeline (see below).

You can activate or deactivate them with a right click on top or in the bottom of the Timeline (see below the zones outlined in red).

The following contextuel menu opens :

Note that the keyboard shortcut [Shift+Ctrl+↑] creates a Bookmark for the current image or deletes the Bookmark if the current image already contains one.

You can also Activate and Deactivate these Bookmarks with the corresponding option in the Edit main menu.

Once the Bookmarks are placed, the keyboard shortcuts [Shift+Ctrl+→] and [Shift+Ctrl+←] enable you to move to the closest Bookmark to the left or right of the current image.

If the project contains a huge number of Bookmarks, they can easily be removed by using the option Remove All Bookmark in this menu.

Bookmarks let you quickly access to important images of your animation, without having to change the zoom factor in the Timeline, and/or use the sliders. Note that they are also symbolized under the project’s window player.

Bookmars will not move with a layer if you move it to the left or to the right. They are « tied » to the current frame, not the frame itself.