Use the Image mark Panel

If you prefer to really "mark" several images, and wish that these marks to be tied to images when a layer is moved, we advise you to use the Image Marks panel. This feature will let you mark, in each layer, images with colors, so you can distinguish key images from breakdowns.

To do so, right click on the image qui vous intéresse. The Timeline’s contextual menu will open and you will se several option by going to Image Marks. The first one, Mark, will let you choose between different colors (a tint set, similar that the one we’ve seen with Color groups).

You can have the resulting Animation layer, with several images being "marked" by a transparent colored square on the icon and the horizontal bars on top and in the bottom :

You will have the same options in the Edit main menu.

You can Remove all of the Timeline’s Image marks via these menus, rather than removing them one by one.

There are other perks : go to the Windows > Animation > Image Marks main menu and open the following panel :

The first mark, Red, will be there by default. Other features are also available. Several are identical to the Color groups panel that we studied earlier in this lesson. You will notice the Refresh ( ) button that will let you show the currently used Images marks in your layer.

The + and - buttons lets you directly add and remove an Image mark to the current layer’s curent frame, without going through the menus. The and buttons next to each color let you navigate to the following or previous mark.

There are two other buttons on the right of Refresh :

: lets you navigate from Image mark to Image mark, from the current layer to the layer underneath.
: activates loop playing.

On top of the list, the , and buttons next to the All button will let you remove a mark and naviguer from marks to marks, all colors mixed up, on the current layer, or on all layers, if is activated.

In its menu, you will be able to Remove all marks from current layer and Remove all marks of the clip, regardless of the marks' colors, which is handy when you don’t need them anymore. With one click, your Timeline has gotten rid of all of the marks, whether on one layer or on all layers.

By left-clicking on the arrow next to Red, a contextual menu will offer several actions :

Add mark on empty instance of the current layer will let you notice empty instances, which can be handy when the current layer has many instances.

You can also use the Add mark on all instances of the current layer action. Note that previously marked instances will have their color replaced with the one you’ve left-clicked on before selecting this action.

The Add mark on non marked instances of the current layer option will allow previously marked instances to keep their original color while a mark is added to non marked instances.

Remove all marks of the current layer and Remove all marks of the clip works the same way as the All menu, but couleur par couleur.

The same kind of menu will be accessible for each color that you will add. The Add/Remove menu will let you show other colors.

Check the squares next to the names, then click on the panel (or outside) : selected colors appears in the list.

You will be able to mark current images with these new colors, with the + and - buttons, then navigate between them with the and arrows.

There are two options available in the bottom of the colors list :

* Add all adds all of the colors and changes how the panel looks :

You then have access to all of the tints and functions.

- Remove all gives the panel the following look, which is handy when you only want to select a few colors, after having displayed them all :

As for the Color Groups, Image marks colors, and their names, can be changed. To do so, you will need the Edit marks... option, which is accessible by four different ways :

1) In the contextual menu of the Timeline > Image Marks > Mark, in the bottom of the colors list.
2) In the Edit > Mark main menu, in the bottom of the colors list.
3) In the Image Mark panel, via the All contextual menu.
4) In the Image Mark panel, via any color’s contextuel menu.

Whichever way you choose, the Edit groups panel will open and will let you make your own changes.

Click on the colored squares to use the picker and select another color in the Chromatic Wheel for example, then rename your choice in the adjacent alphanumeric field. You may have the resulting panel :

Click on OK to apply your changes to the Timeline, and on the to Refresh the Image marks panel’s list.

In the Edit groups panel, you will have access to the same Options contextual menu, with the same functions.

You can also combine Image marks with Bookmarks !