Edit groups

Colors of groups, with their names, can be changed. To do so, you will need the Edit option...

It is accessible by four different ways :

1) with the Timeline icon, in the bottom of the Color Groups list.
2) with the Color Groups panel, in the Edit all sub-menu.
3) with the Color Groups panel, in any color’s sub-menu.
4) with the Color Groups panel, in the List sub-menu.

Whatever you choose, the Edit groups panel will open and will let you do any changes you wish.

Click on the colored squares to activate the picker and select another color in the Chromatic wheel for example. Rename your chose in the adjacent alphanumeric field. You can obtain this kind of panel :

Click on OK to apply your changes to the Timeline, and on the button to Refresh the Color groups’s panel list.

In the Edit group panel, you will also see an Options sub-menu.

This menu lets you :

• Reset the values, going back to TVPaint Animation’s default values.
• Define as default groups the news colors you’ve just chosen.
Export the colors values of your groups.
Import these values.

You can close the Color Groups panel with the cross but also by clicking again on the Groups button in the bottom left corner of the Timeline