The Out-of-Pegs feature

The “Out-of Pegs” feature allows you to move images coming after or before the current image, in order to make easier the inbetweens. This feature is situated in the Light Table and does not modify the final render of your animation, even when you play it.

Here is an animation with a running character :

This animation contains 3 instances and needs inbetweens, between the first instance and the second one. Break the instance thanks to the key [Del] or thanks to that icon in order to create a clear instance between the two instances.

Then, open the light table's panel and activate it on your layer (see the screenshot), in order to see by transparency your previous image and your next image. Thanks to the Light Table, start to quickly draw the inbetween.

As you can see, the light table has gray square under each image's slider and a white cross (black if you have the Acier color scheme) under the current image. Click on a gray square when you want to select and move an image before or after the current one.

For example, if you click on the square of the image before the current one, the square will be activated : a “0” and a green HUD will appear. The HUD allows you to move the display in order to, for example, trace the head, check the leg's length etc... When you move the display, the HUD becomes red. If you want to move another image, click on another image's square (for example : image after the current one).

You don’t need to use the HUD to move your images : you can change the values in the Light Table panel :

The Move All option lets you move all selected images.

When an image is moved, the “0” stays, in order to remind you there was a change. When you moved all your images, you simply have to choose your drawing tool and complete your inbetween. If you want to reset the display, click on on the white cross (black if you are using the Acier color scheme), under the current image's slider.

You can also remove individually the “out-of-pegs” with a right click.

Then, you will be free to finish your drawing properly.