Workspace rotation

TVPaint Animation offers you tools coming from the traditional world, but with flexibility of the digital world.

When working with pencil and paper, you often have to rotate the page in order to touch-up the lines drawn. This is also possible with TVPaint Animation.

This is done by left clicking on the button illustrated opposite in the current project window and then moving the mouse.

It is possible to play your animation with a tilted workspace!

Don’t forget its keyboard shortcut, [Ctrl + Alt] + left click, and the menu (with its shortcuts) which let you reset the position. You can access this menu by right-clicking on this button :

Note that workspace rotation always takes place from the center of your project window. If necessary, you may use the bottom and right-hand sliders of your project window to position the latter (see below).

While the workspace is rotated, it becomes visible in the form of an animation disk. If you do not need this function, it may be disabled in the Display popup menu of the current project.

Animation artists who prefer to use the Animator field, the Field chart, or the Safe area may use the Guidelines tool (see lesson 02).

Animator field

Field chart

Safe Area