Directional Flip

The Directional Flip is the second type of flip that you can set.

It is the best one to flip your animation from a few frames backwards and/or forwards, and come back to the current image on which you were working just before flipping.

Click on the menu on top of the panel to have once again access to New Flip.

Choose Directional Flip and you will see this panel :

Options are the same as the Basic Flip, with a few additions.

- You can stil change the Name and you can still see the flip Type.

- Concerning the Limits, there is a new possible choice : None.

This Limit will let you flip your entire project, but we will explain it in lesson 8.

You can choose to flip only your current clip or layer. The Mark In/Out, Bookmarks and Marks options are subject to the same conditions as the Basic Flip.

Finally, the last Limit, Custom, where you can set the number of frames flipped before and after the current image, will only work when holding the assigned shorcuts.

Otherwise, the Directional Flip will only limit itself to the 3-4 images on the left and on the right.

- Checkpoints are still the same : Images, Instances, Marks and Bookmarks.

- You can check the Loop between limits square to see the entire animation, but this function only works when holding the assigned shortcuts (release them for the cursor to go back to its initial position).

- The Out of Pegs and Flips per second work the same way as the Basic Flip.

- Finally, you can set, not one, but two Shortcuts to the Directional Flip you have set up : one to go forwards, one to go backwards. The shortcut panel will open when you click on Assign….

You can use the [H] and [J] shorcuts for example, as they are by default not assigned.

Your Flip is created.