The Drawing Recorder

The aim of the Drawing Recorder panel (Windows > Drawing) is to store all the strokes of the user when he is drawing. With this feature, it is possible to create an animation from a static drawing. So the result of the Drawing Recorder is an animation which shows each step of the drawing and how it has been constructed. Note that it is possible to change the current tool during the drawing and the timing of the drawing is preserved when the animation is created.

Each time the content of the image changes, a new image is added in the animation of the Drawing Recorder.

The original image which was drawn, while the Drawing Recorder was running, 3 letters with 3 different tools.

The animation, based on the original image, created thanks to the drawing recorder.

The Drawing Recorder panel is very simple, three buttons and a preview.

* The menu above allows you to choose to preserve the alpha channel (Current layer) or not (Display).
* The preview area and the slider below it allow to see and navigate between each frame of the record.
* The Record ( ) / Pause button ( ) starts or pauses the recording.
* When the user thinks he has finished his work, the new Project button ( ) allows you to create a new project and store all the strokes/frames of the recording.
* And with the Skull button ( ), it is possible to delete the current recording to be able to start a new one.

You can download a project showing the result of a recording.