The Sketch panel RGB

The Sketch panel RGB comprises some useful preset tools which will allow you to create and clean sketches, as if you were drawing by hand. The Sketch panel RGB tools are designed for users who work with both computer and graphic tablet and who want to keep their old drawing tools habits. (pencil, eraser, ...)

Here is a detailed description of the panel :

* The pencil icons allow you to draw sketches as if you had real pencils. Four colors are available : black, red, green and blue. The red, green and blue pencils draw with Behind mode whereas the black pencil draw in Color mode.

* The paint bucket icons allow you to turn your image into red, green, blue or black.
* The cross icons delete the color(s) : red, green, blue, black, red and green and blue.
* The tint icons allow you to paint any pre-existing line into the color. You can turn any line red, green, blue or black.
* The first series of erasers allow to erase only the color that is displayed on the icon.
Below the separator, there are four more icons :
* The first two ones are Erasers. They let you... erase a portion of the image. The first one is pressure-sensitive, and the second one is soft.

One supplementary Sketch panel is available : Sketch Panel, in which there are only orange, blue and black. It can be found in the Custom panels main menu.

Now, let's study how to draw and clean a sketch. Load the Bob project and follow these steps:

* Firstly, erase the content of the current project or open a new project window.
* Use the red, green and blue pencils to rough out your drawing.

The three colors, red, green and blue, can help you to differentiate the portions of the image (here, the head is in red, the legs are in green and the arms are in blue.)
* If you need to do so, use the two erasers at your disposal to refine on our image.
In the example below, the first eraser was used on the head of the character, the second eraser was used on the arms. (the colored eraser will only delete the corresponding colors)

Whether you draw or erase, don't forget that the rotative drawing disk can help you work with more precision.

* Once the sketch with red, green and blue colors is finished, use the black pencil to clean up the drawing.

* Now use the red cross icon : you now have deleted the red construction lines of the head : only the black lines of the head are now visible. The green and blue areas (arms and legs) are still visible.

When you use the three colors red, green and blue to draw, it is easier to choose which part of the image should be erased or kept.

* If you use now the green cross icon, only the blue and black lines will stay on the screen. The sketch is more precise than at the beginning.

* And now, use the blue cross icon, only the black lines will be visible :

If you want to erase the three colors at once, you can use the multi-color cross :

* We have turned here the lines into red by using the red paint bucket icon. It is still possible to add some lines or to clean the image with the erasers.

If you wish to have a quick look at your work, click on the last icon on the fifth line :

If you don't want (or need) to use the red, green and blue colors, you can use the non-RGB Sketch panel, which offers the blue and orange colors :

However, you won't be able to use the Quick Look feature, as it does not exists for this panel.