Install the software


It is recommended you uninstall any previous version of TVPaint Animation you may already have on your computer before proceeding.

Once the ZIP file is downloaded, double-click on it in order to extract the folder TVPaint Animation if it is not already extracted.

Double-click on the DMG file in order to get the installation window.

It is strongly recommended to keep the installation folder. It contains the installation file for the software TVPaint Animation and the CodeMeter application, the End User license agreement and the After Effects import script.

Depending on your version of macOS, double-click on the correct CodeMeterRuntime.dmg installation package in order to start the driver installation. If you are on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher, double-click on the CodeMeterRuntime-postHighSierra.dmg file. If you're using an older version than High Sierra, double click on the CodeMeterRuntime-preHighSierra.dmg instead.

Do not download and install CodeMeter from another source as you could then be using an incorrect version of the application (which may prevent TVPaint Animation from working properly).

If the installation does not start, you might need to go to your System Preferences > Security Privacy, Allow apps downloaded from: and click on Allow.

The CodeMeter installation is required to activate your license. The CodeMeter software will run in the background and will have a minimal resource usage.

Once the CodeMeter installation is complete, drag the butterfly into the Applications folder:

Once this is done, restart your Mac before registering your license.