Register the software

In order to activate your license, you will need to access the link to the License depot which is contained in the email sent to you with your invoice following your purchase.

Please keep in mind that CodeMeter must be installed and running on the machine you are using the License depot from. It is included in the TVPaint installation package.

It is strongly advised to use one of the following web browsers: Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

If you get this warning, you must install Java 32 bits beforehand.

Go to the activation page via the link to your License depot. This link is contained in the email you’ve received following your purchase.

In case you need to share your License depot link, please right click on the link contained in the email you’ve received following your purchase and select the « Copy link address » option. The License depot address shown in your web browser’s address bar is shortened and can’t be used to access it.

You should then arrive on one of those two webpages:

Licenses Overview webpageLicense Activation webpage

The « Licenses Overview » webpage lists all of your licenses. In order to activate your license, click on the « Activate Licenses » orange button. The « License Activation » webpage pictured on the right should appear. Then, select the license you wish to activate. If a studio is lending you a license, please make sure to select only one license during this procedure. If you're managing licenses owned by a school, click on the checkbox located next to the "Name" field to select all licenses and activate them on your server.

If CodeMeter is correctly installed and this is the first time you activate a license on your computer, a CmContainer will be automatically created (as indicated by the « Get CmContainer automatically » sentence in the « Select CmContainer » field).

If your License depot web page displays something different from the above screenshots (for example, if the « Get CmContainer automatically » sentence doesn’t appear), please proceed as follows:

-Make sure CodeMeter is installed and is running on your computer
-Restart your computer
-Open your web browser and clear its cache
-Go to your License depot again and see if the « Get CmContainer automatically » sentence finally appears. If it doesn’t, try using a different web browser after having restarted your computer.

The CmContainer represents the computer on which the license will be activated.

Click on the « Activate Selected licenses » button to activate your license. Don’t refresh the webpage while the license is being activated.

Once this process is done, your license is activated! You can now start TVPaint Animation and draw :)

Once the license has been sent to the computer, you will have the possibility to send it back to the License depot if you ever wish to move the license to another computer. You can learn more about this procedure on our 'Rehost you license’ page.

If you plan to format your computer or restore your system to a previous state, it is highly recommended that you rehost your license from it first, as it can be lost if important changes are made to the file system, forcing you to contact us to restore your license. Please note that the license and CmContainer cannot be copied like normal files, so your license won't be usable from a cloned hard drive.

macOS only:

You may see the following error message when trying to launch TVPaint Animation for the first time on your Mac.

Follow these steps in order to authorize macOS to open TVPaint:

-First, open ‘System Preferences’ then click on the ‘Security and Privacy’ icon:

-Make sure you’re on the ‘General’ tab of the ‘Security and Privacy’ panel. You should then see a message saying that ‘TVPaint Animation 11.5 [Pro].app was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer’. Click on the ‘Open Anyway’ button next to this message:

-The following window should appear. Click on ‘Open’ in order to authorise TVPaint Animation and to launch it: