How to rehost your license on another computer

The licence rehosting process can only be done using the license depot link. Please note that you won’t be able to rehost your license using the CodeMeter application.

The new WIBU license system allows you to deactivate your personal license from a computer to reactivate it on another one, just like you would unplug your old USB license dongle to plug it in another machine!

Please note that deactivating your license is also necessary in case you plan on formatting your computer. Erasing your hard drive without rehosting your license first would result in you losing this license: you would then have to contact us in order to be able to retrieve it.

All of this is done from your personal license depot link, which you received via email upon purchasing your license.

If you lost the license depot link, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll send it again.

Please keep in mind that CodeMeter must be installed and running on the machine you are using the license depot from. It is included in the TVPaint installation package.

The first step is of course deactivating the license from your current machine.

Below is a screencap of the license depot interface with the license still activated. You can see that the Status column is listing 0 available license out of 1:

Click on Re-Host Licenses to open the re-hosting page.

Then click on the orange button to deactivate your license from on this computer.

After a few seconds, a message will appear, stating that the license has been transferred back to the license depot.

The next step is done from the new machine you want to use TVPaint Animation on.

After having installed TVPaint Animation and CodeMeter and ensuring that CodeMeter is running, open your personal license depot link.

The page you land on should have an Activate Licenses button:

Now you simply have to repeat the activation steps to use your license from this new computer!