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by artfx
22 Aug 2009, 06:02
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Definition - High vs Standard & Nonstandard
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Re: Definition - High vs Standard & Nonstandard

I say if 640x360 makes it possible for you to have fun and love what you do, by all means do that! I think all the quibbles over format are pretty much a moot point in the end. Unless that TV station or distributor came to you and ask you to make something for them, the chancing of you selling whate...
by artfx
22 Aug 2009, 05:46
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Why do I like this?
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Re: Why do I like this?

I can begin to imagine how hard that must be to do. If my understanding of how it is done is correct, shouldn't you always see the person drawing it in the frame?
by artfx
20 Sep 2006, 19:01
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Intel Mac Support
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TVPaint wrote:
Please note that the Mirage users can upgrade for a special pricing !

Is the full version downloadable or must we wait for discs to ship from somewhere? Do we use the same dongle or must we get a new one?