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by Alan
05 Jun 2008, 16:35
Forum: CBPaint
Topic: Keep CB Paint 2 LIMITLESS
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Re: Keep CB Paint 2 LIMITLESS

Hi, I second your comments. CBPaint 2 as soon as possible, it will make the new S4000 into something really special.
Cheers Alan
by Alan
17 Apr 2008, 21:55
Forum: CBPaint
Topic: CBpaint 2
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CBpaint 2

CBpaint 2 is an important piece of software for me. How are you getting on with recoding it for the new range of Cassablance machines please? Will there be any improved features?

Thanks Alan
by Alan
22 Feb 2007, 10:57
Forum: CBPaint
Topic: CB Paint
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CB Paint

I am a new user of CB Paint and after a steep learnig curve I'm enjoying using it. I've recently produced an animated brush I would like to keep for future use (may be in 6 months time). Is it possible to archive this outside the CB Paint programme? If not will this be possible in the fiture? I unde...