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by Satrip
18 Feb 2010, 12:55
Forum: Open Beta
Topic: casual cursor offset
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casual cursor offset

Sometimes when toggling from a tool to another, the cursor gets a gap between where it's displayed and where it actually "click". I've also noticed this happening when the window is maximised full-screen and that I hide/reveal Gnome toolbar on top or bottom of the screen (wich resize automatically t...
by Satrip
18 Feb 2010, 12:31
Forum: Open Beta
Topic: No sensors on eraser tip
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No sensors on eraser tip

I've just noticed that when using the eraser tip of the stylus, there's no pressure and tilt.
by Satrip
17 Feb 2010, 11:18
Forum: Open Beta
Topic: No TVP icon in program starter
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Re: No TVP icon in program starter

Hi rylander,
That's strange, I do have the right icon here in "Applications>Graphisme"
The icon is located here:

ps: Nice to see someone from the Synfig forum here! ^^
by Satrip
12 Feb 2010, 17:38
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: TVPaint 8.5 works on Linux
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Re: TVPaint 8.5 works on Linux

MERCI HERVéééé !!!!

Enfin je vais retrouver mon tvpaint que j'aime, seule chose qui me manquait un peu sur linux!
by Satrip
03 Sep 2009, 15:10
Forum: Contents Sharing
Topic: simple watercolor
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Re: simple watercolor

Thanks for sharing Hisko!
I already had the previous version you sent, this one is much better ^^
(Although I can't use it on a multiply mode layer because I'm unfortunatly still on v8, it's already a good brush.)
by Satrip
31 Aug 2009, 14:01
Forum: Packs, Plugins, Third Party
Topic: LazyNezumi - utility for controlling mouse
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Re: LazyNezumi - utility for controlling mouse

Yes Thank you Sven for sharing this link, it works great! ^^
by Satrip
26 Aug 2009, 18:53
Forum: Feature & Improvement requests
Topic: Traditional Lighttable Function
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Re: Traditional Lighttable Function

Me too, important missing feature!
by Satrip
13 Aug 2009, 13:13
Forum: Communauté Francophone
Topic: Carré arrondi
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Re: Carré arrondi

Ouep moi aussi je trouve que c'est une bonne idée !
by Satrip
26 Jun 2009, 14:28
Forum: Made with TVPaint
Topic: Satrip's drawings
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Re: Satrip's drawings


Here is my actual animation demo, mostly done with TVPaint (all traditional animation, compositing, montage) ... 9_creation
(good hd quality :mrgreen: , but damn annoying advertising :evil: )

Comments are welcome!
by Satrip
11 Jun 2009, 14:46
Forum: Contents Sharing
Topic: basic painting tools
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Re: basic painting tools


I've edited the first post with a new version of the panel and related examples.

Have fun with it! :mrgreen:
by Satrip
10 Jun 2009, 19:47
Forum: Contents Sharing
Topic: Power Box Animator
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Re: Power Box Animator

Hi, First I must say THANK YOU for sharin your tools! (your powerbrush toolbox has very good plugins :!: ) I've installed this pack to give it a try. And then uninstalled it because I didn't found it usefull for my use. But since I've removed it, I keep getting my tools bin filled with something lik...
by Satrip
07 May 2009, 16:24
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Lame ACM MP3 problem
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Re: Lame ACM MP3 problem

Hi Fabrice,
I've sent you a link to download my test files.
by Satrip
05 May 2009, 19:09
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Lame ACM MP3 problem
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Lame ACM MP3 problem

I've tried to render a video using Lame ACM MP3 for the audio, the render proceed but the resulting file doesn't have sound ! I've tested my audio codec installation with other soft, like virtual dub, Lame works there. I tried many different settings, with ffdshow and Xvid for the video, I tried to ...
by Satrip
12 Apr 2009, 22:45
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Broken lines with custombrush ?
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Re: Broken lines with custombrush ?

Hi Sewie,
I've tried your brush, I've exactly the same issue .
I'm on TVP 8.6.4 , winXP 32 , tried with 3 different wacom drivers (last stable, last rc and last beta), no difference.

If a bugfix is found for this issue, I hope it will be applied to a v.8.6.5 too ! ( please Hervé don't forget us ^^ )
by Satrip
26 Mar 2009, 13:22
Forum: Contents Sharing
Topic: Animbrush containing 165 round logos
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Re: Animbrush containing 165 round logos

Cool, thanks! :D