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TVPaint Roadmap

Post by cf-mankit » 27 Oct 2021, 07:35

Hello to the TVPaint Team.

Thank you again for the wonderful software, through it in the past year I have rediscovered my love for drawing and interest in learning animation.
I understand the TVpaint team is a small passionate and dedicated team and only come from a place a support.

I was just wondering it would be great on top of all the wonderful communication your core team members participate in through the forums to have a more official development roadmap that all of us TV paint users can look at and be excited for.

I think this is what really separates large developers and smaller developers is the sense of growing together and a roadmap is a very tangible way to look at it.
I understand there are "I will put this into the list" type responses on posts scattered throughout the forum but to have an official roadmap with rough anticipation dates would be great.
Things such as when can we expect ARM native support or if that is coming at all within the year I'm sure would help inform heavy-load TVpaint users on their own equipment upgrade decisions.

Thank you again for the great product, I just want to love the product more than I already do.


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Re: TVPaint Roadmap

Post by Dean » 02 Nov 2021, 11:25

Hello Mankit, the idea of a public roadmap has already been discussed within our team and some issues have lead us not to do it.
Firstly, deadlines are sometimes difficult to abide by, because of external factors on which we have no control.
Also, our competitors could see what we have in store for the future :P
Currently, a few selected users have access to beta builds and know what is being developed. It is easier for us to control how information spreads like this.
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