Is it possible to recover a corrupted file? Topic is solved

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Re: Is it possible to recover a corrupted file?

Post by marleneb » 01 Mar 2020, 11:35

Hi Tvpaint team,

Sorry to bother you but I had no responds to my previous post, so I'm trying again here, I prefer to revive a topic rather than creating a new one.
I can give you the file by private message and f you could fix it would be fantastic as this is my personal project.... thank you in advance !

This is my first entry in the forum, I have an issue with one of my file and I'm hopping that, somehow, with your magic skills you could fix it ! it contains the storyboard of my personal project.
To explain the problem, when I open the file, the loading goes until 94% and suddenly stop ( I tried on two different pc, one says that tvpaint has stopped the microsoft c++ runtime library and the other pc at 94% just closed the software with no mesage or anything).
At first I thought it was the microsoft c++ problem so I tried to fix it when I realised that actually my tvpaint software opens properly with no bugs, other files open properly too and I saved a test file and reopened it and again no issues. So my only conclusion is that it's actually this file that has a problem (which I don't really know what could have happen as I don't think it closed while saving or whatever).
If you could manage to save it that would be really really nice ! I have tvpaint 11 the standart version with windows 7.

Thanks hugely in advance,


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Re: Is it possible to recover a corrupted file?

Post by Antoine » 17 Mar 2020, 15:41

Hello Marlène,

Thanks to our developper Jérémy, we have managed to restore most of the file you sent us.
A link has been provided to you to retrieve it.

Have a nice day ahead !

Jyotsna Ramesh
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Re: Is it possible to recover a corrupted file?

Post by Jyotsna Ramesh » 22 Mar 2020, 14:44

I had been working on an animation file which was saved properly and I didn't work on it for a couple of days. Now when I try opening the file it shows that it is loading upto 68% and then TV Paint simply closes and the file does not open.
It's weeks worth of work and I had begun colouring as well, could you please help me retrieve it?
Thank You

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