Recovering a corrupted TVPaint file?

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Recovering a corrupted TVPaint file?

Post by rui » 03 Mar 2019, 17:52


I saved my TVPaint file and during saving the error: "no space left on disk" appeared. I deleted some files and the saving went through. However, when I try to open it now, the file seems to be corrupted and crashes TVPaint at launch. I use TVPaint 11 pro.
Is there any way for me to recover the file? I made the stupid mistake of not backing up the past week so it's about a week worth of work. Even saving parts of it can help.

You can find the file via this wetransfer link:

I'm using:
- MacOS X Version 10.9.5
- TVPaint 11.0.8 Pro 64 bit

Thank you so much!

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