Dual Screen - how to create the ideal set up?

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Dual Screen - how to create the ideal set up?

Post by garthlaidlaw »

Hey everyone,

I've been continually battling TV Paint's interface to make it work for dual screen (especially when the two different screens are very different pixel ratios).

Here is the problem:

The interface is such a mess right now and I don't even know where to begin.

Here is what I would like - how do I get there?

Thanks for the help. This has been so aggravating! I don't know why you can just undock all windows from the interface and put them wherever you'd like. For different screen ratios this makes far more sense.
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Re: Dual Screen - how to create the ideal set up?

Post by schwarzgrau »

If any of the TVPaint-team members happens to visit this forum in the next few months they maybe can correct me, but as far as I know the problem is that the base architecture of TVPaint is really old (and gets rewritten right now?), so the whole software exists only in one continuous window, unlike Photoshop or After Effects for example, so it unfortunately seems like there is no real solution right now.
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Re: Dual Screen - how to create the ideal set up?

Post by Nora »

Thank you for your answer @schwarzgrau.
Indeed you cannot easily manage the interface in TVPaint but what you can do is to take 2 screens of the same resolution and stretch the window across them.
But unfortunately you cannot put the drawing space apart.
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Re: Dual Screen - how to create the ideal set up?

Post by Paul Fierlinger »

I have four monitors, one of which has entirely different dimensions (it is also the larger of the bunch) so I know you can indeed use two different types of monitors. The only thing that happens is that the larger monitor leaves a lot of unused space at the bottom of its space. This is all done in Windows "Display" page. Lookup how to setup different monitors on the same page.
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Re: Dual Screen - how to create the ideal set up?

Post by o0Ampy0o »

If you search this forum I described how I am able to use two monitors perfectly. A significant factor is to leave a small space all the way around the interface and do not use full screen mode. I use Macs/OS X so this may not apply to Windows.
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