File won't open

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File won't open

Post by Mgrogan143 » 02 Oct 2019, 07:30


So I was working on a project a few days ago and saved (made sure it saved completely) and then closed my laptop to put it to sleep. My laptop all of sudden wanted to auto-update and shut down. When I went to open my file again, it either crashes or an untitled file pops up. Is it corrupted and lost forever? Can I recover it or at least some of it? Here is my file on google drive. ... H6sYhthEM-

Windows 10
64 bit OS x64-based processor
8.00 GB(7.85 usable GB)

TV Paint 11 (11.0.08-32 bit)

Wacom 16 drawing tablet

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Re: File won't open

Post by Dean » 02 Oct 2019, 10:04

Hello Mgrogan13,
Our genius developer Jeremy managed to save part of your project. Could you send me a MP with the email address I should send the new file to please?
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