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File Corrupted. Can it be salvaged?

Posted: 11 Nov 2019, 07:11
by kgbla
Hey guys, working on a huge animation. My computer was slowing to a halt so I thought I had saved before shutting my computer down thinking everything was fine and now everything is gone but the file is still the same size so can it still be recovered? Whenever I try to open it I just get an untitled project. Last time this happened (I'm a moron) I ended up having to start over, I pray I may be more lucky this time around. :(

Edit: Tried opening it with tvpaint itself and the program immediately stopped responding. Just letting you know if that means anything at all.

PS, the reason my version is so old is because it's physical copy and I wasn’t sure you could update those. If you need proof I can provide the information. I have the dongle, the cd, and the lock code for it but I’m not sure you can share that last bit outside of a DM.

My OS version and software version:
win10 , 64bit
TvPaint Animation 10 Pro (10.5.3-64bit)

The file: ... d4hUQcXJsH

Re: File Corrupted. Can it be salvaged?

Posted: 13 Nov 2019, 11:45
by Thierry
Check your PMs :)