File not found,unsure of what happened?

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File not found,unsure of what happened?

Post by spookydisa » 21 May 2020, 21:38

Posting for a friend, we've been trying to troubleshoot the issue of the file not being located according to tv paint,or the software trying to load the animation, nothing appears then the program goes into not responding. He's working using a key for the semester due to quarantine, and multiple people have tried to also open the file to no avail.
link to the file: ... sp=sharing

Computer specs pardon me if i forgot any
windows 10
pro edition 64 bit
intel i5-8600kCPU
16gb ram
TV paint 11pro GRP(11.0.0-64 bits)
working on a cintiq 22Hd DISPLAY (21.5 dtk-22000)

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