Folders in TvPaint?

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Folders in TvPaint?

Post by makoto » 30 Nov 2007, 21:40

I was thinking, it might be useful and comfortable the fact of be able to subdivide the layers in the timeline in folders.
For example, if I am working in a scene with 4 characters in diferentes layers (one layer by character) and I have another 4 layers for colours, I will be working with 8 layers. If I add another layer for the background and another layer for an element in foreground I will be working with a lot of layers and sometimes you need to stop seeing various layers (for example, the 4 characters and the 4 layers with colours) so you have to block 8 layers, taking them from 0% to 100% the opacity.
But, if this 8 layers are inside a "folder" I can block or take from 0% to 100% the opacity of the folder and, in consequence, I can hide the desire layers easily.

I hope I had explained correctly, if you don´t understand something please tell me.
I think it is and very useful and interesting idea.

Sorry by the way I write in english.

Thoughtfully from Argentina, Pablo Conde.
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Peter Wassink
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Post by Peter Wassink » 01 Dec 2007, 11:55

you wrote it very clearly and this is indeed an excellent idea.
many people have already suggested this and i believe the development team is currently preparing for ways to implement this (among many other improvements.)
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Post by Fabrice » 07 Dec 2007, 15:01

Sorry for this laaaate answer,

Peter is right, we are working on it actually :)
Fabrice Debarge

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