Audio plays back slightly too fast

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Re: Audio plays back slightly too fast

Post by ematecki » 13 Sep 2011, 07:30

You're welcome.
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Re: Audio plays back slightly too fast

Post by chrizz » 30 Oct 2011, 21:09

I've had an audio problem in TVP I'd like to share with other tvp (mac) users. If anyone may run into the same problem: this is what you can do.(although it is not a real solution) One day I started TVP and the audio in my animation was playing way too fast comparing to the animation itself. The animation frame rate was playing correctly, while the sound was pitched up and played way too fast. It took me a week or so to solve the problem. I tried everything: reinstalling TVP, upgrading my OS system, I tried wav, MP3, changing Hz, all audio prefs and whatsoever. Nothing helped, sound was still speeding up, even when I started old and finished projects in Mirage from long ago. Because I thought it had something to do with the Hz of the audio, I loaded the audio in another program called Audicity and saved it. After doing that,suddenly the sound was playing at the right speed again in TVP. After a few days I had the same problem again..... And again starting the program Audicity solved it.

Because I was starting to work with Adobe After Effect for the first time at that time, I thought it could have something to do with that. A conflict or so. And this seems to be the case...

Now, half a year later I can say this (although I've no explanation for it): Every time I work with Adobe After Effects, TVP gets the audio problem of speeding up sound. By starting and loading a sound in Audicity, the probem in TVP is solved again. So after working with AE, I have to start Audicity to prevent TVP from having an audio problem. There must be a conflict between Adobe AE and TVP, as if they influence each other's soundrate settings... I cannot explain this and it is very annoying, but I'm happy to tell you that you only have to start an load a sound in Audicity (and probably every other sound program) that solves this very issue

greetz, Chrizz

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Re: Audio plays back slightly too fast

Post by slowtiger » 30 Oct 2011, 21:25

This is indeed interesting.

Could you next time perhaps check with Audio-MIDI-Setup? That's an app inside your utility programs folder. Just open it before you start After FX and check the sample rates. Check again after usting AFX, and after Audacity. I bet you'll see some change there, and if, then it sould be possible to re-set it there as well.
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Re: Audio plays back slightly too fast

Post by csherbow » 26 Feb 2020, 06:35

I am having the same problem, I have Mac OS Mojave and TV Paint 11, only my imported audio is playing unbearably slowly. I tried synching the project Hz and nothing happened. I am really curious about this QT X solution because I have no idea what it's referring to. If it's Quick Time 10, there's no way to delete or disable quicktime 'cause Mac uses it to run a lot of it's programs.

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