SavePlace ReLoadPlace Button Set

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Re: SavePlace ReLoadPlace Button Set

Post by tribute27 » 16 Apr 2021, 18:19

Svengali wrote:
16 Apr 2021, 04:05
tribute27 wrote:
16 Apr 2021, 01:46
Oh! I saved the file with the default name just as a quick test. I've tried it first on some project files from my work which had a huge file size so I was wondering if that caused the freeze.
And no worries at all, I'm not expecting anything. i downloaded the original script and that worked. Thanks for all your custom panels in general, they're all very good tools!
tribute27, The "apparent freeze" may have been caused by an extended delay loop for the popup message, which on some machines took much longer than intended (processor speed dependent).
Instead, the message now requires a click OK to continue. If you have a minute, download the updated version... try it and let me know if your problem is solved. Thanks again for the feedback.

It worked perfectly! :D Thanks Sven

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