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Re: OTANO Storyboard Tools

Post by Soom » 27 Oct 2021, 03:27

NathanOtano wrote:
21 Oct 2021, 10:45
It's pretty hard to bugtrack, it could be that you have some spaces or weird characters in your file names like layers, or in your path (can even be your user name). Do you have some cases where it works? Like exporting another file, and from your desktop to your desktop?
If you troubleshoot for me I can make a fix but otherwise I don't have much time to help with support ^^

+ are you on mac or pc? From you signature I guess it's mac, and I didn't test on mac but there may be some differences regarding managing file path :'(
All right - done that - it's the space in the folder name. If the folder contains a space, it will not export. Otherwise the export works fine. I usually never use spaces, cause I know so many ways it can go wrong, but I guess that modern life and years with Apple made me much less vigilant and some spaces still managed to sneak in )
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Re: OTANO Storyboard Tools

Post by NathanOtano » 28 Oct 2021, 14:49

Happy it's only naming!
Yeah tvpaint doesn't like spaces, it's an old software! Usually newer softwares can handle it ^^
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