OTANO TraceBack : Draw on current frame another frame's drawing

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OTANO TraceBack : Draw on current frame another frame's drawing

Post by NathanOtano » 20 May 2017, 10:48

I just quickly made a little script I needed in my workflow :D


It was discussed some time ago here

Here is a gif to show how it works :

How to use it :
- Go on the frame/layer you'd like to use as a reference for your traceback
- You can add a selection if you need only an area
- Click on the Set Traceback button
- Now your image is saved is the spare (kind of TVPaint's image clipboard)
- You get a brush that replaces current pixels with the ones of your reference image (don't worry it also saves your old brush. It just doesn't work for anim brushs, you'll get only one image back). This brush keeps your current penbrush parameters, but you can add a line in the button with any brush you want in "merge" mode to set your own brush instead.
- Go to any frame you'd like to traceback your drawing. You can use your LT if you traceback from another image to see it as a reference, if it's on another layer at the same timeline position you can lower the opacity of the reference layer or use "display current".
- Then just set your brush and draw on your current image, it will replace any pixel of the current image with the pixels of the refernce image.
- If you had a selection while setting the brush and clear your selection, it will erase pixels outside of the selection.
- When you're done just click on "Get Back Brush" and you'll get back the brush you had before setting your reference image, and it will clear you selection (if you don't like this behaviour just remove the last line of the embedded script).

We could imagine the script recognizing you setted LT image and directly getting the image, but because I often need to traceback across multiple layers I prefered this universal behaviour. Also we could push the script further by making it recognizing your LT OOP settings to traceback OOP drawings, if I have some time after my graduation film I'd be happy to script that.


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