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OTANO Stick Layer to Cam

Posted: 06 Jun 2017, 10:44
by NathanOtano
Hey! Here is a rudimentary script that sticks your layer to your camera :) usefull when storyboarding and animating, either to stick something to your camera (like a subtitle or a slate) or to animate on the spot a shot and be able to send it back to your layout (when you render your camera and animate on the new project, so the shot is smaller with no lag and you visualise and draw your inbeetweens within the final frame. That way you have smooth inbeetweens as a result and you can have a not on one's timing, unlike your camera, without having your drawings drifting at each non-head frame)

Oh and with it you can use your cam as a keyframer also :)

So step by step :
0 - Don't forget to activate instance break!
1 - Scrub on your timeline to your reference frame, at the moment that you'd like to stick your layer to your camera
2 - Click on the button
3 - Wait a little... Done!

It's still pretty slow and rudimentary but it works, I think that when I'm done with my current work I'll update it as much as I can.

Some things that will come :
- Only works with scale and translate for now, I'll update it with rotate later.
- I'll make it work on instance heads only for uses with animation to keep your images.
- I'll make it work on selected frames only if there is a selection.
- We could image making it work on multiple layers...
- I'll store everything in variables so you'll be able to restore your layer position afterward :) usefull to switch animating from developped (layout) to on the spot and vice versa.
- And I have to find a way to make it work quicker...


Re: OTANO Stick Layer to Cam

Posted: 26 Sep 2017, 08:48
by daninski
This is interesting, I pair layers to camera a lot in AE. I'll get this and try it next time I need to do it.

Re: OTANO Stick Layer to Cam

Posted: 02 Oct 2017, 18:36
by NathanOtano
It's meant to be a storyboarding tool :) not perfect but avoids back and forth! DOn't hesitate to tell me if it's relevant

Re: OTANO Stick Layer to Cam

Posted: 08 Nov 2019, 00:27
by ikathan
Thank you so much for this, I use TvPaint for storyboarding as well and this is a great help! :D

Re: OTANO Stick Layer to Cam

Posted: 08 Nov 2019, 17:58
by NathanOtano
You're welcome :)

Re: OTANO Stick Layer to Cam

Posted: 18 Dec 2019, 14:35
by daninski
Just wanted to say I'm still coming back to this and it's very useful when it's needed. So big thanks!

Re: OTANO Stick Layer to Cam

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 16:17
by NathanOtano
Haha awesome <3 thanks again