Line art brushes used by Gobelins Students

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Line art brushes used by Gobelins Students

Post by MisterFire » 06 Nov 2018, 06:47

I have been studying the amazing animation films by the students at Gobelins. I learned that they use TVPaint for most of their animation process. I love the textured brush most of them use for cleanup of the line art.

Any idea how to achieve that in TVPaint 10? They are obviously custom brushes, I believe. I am used to Photoshop and am new to TVPaint. Hence, any help regarding achieving that effect is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Line art brushes used by Gobelins Students

Post by melanie » 06 Nov 2018, 08:20


You can find different kinds of custom brushes in the right drawer of the interface.
You can also create your own brushes that will fit your specific needs.
There are several tutorials on YouTube you can follow:

You can also find a variety of tutorials on our website: ... torial.php

I also advise you to dig deeper into this topic Contents Sharing, as you will certainly find brushes and other interesting custom panels that users shared to your liking (be it the tool you wish to get or others that will help you for other parts of your work).
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