Perspective warp

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Perspective warp

Post by Manuel » 06 Oct 2009, 11:23

Warning : These functions use Custom brushes to work. The current custom brush is LOST.
Save your work before using them.
Be sure you can use Right Mouse button, it is the only way to stop the function.

Here is a panel with 2 actions :
1- Perspective Warp Inplace
Apply the perspective warp to the selected area.
First you have to select the source area, Use Left Click on the corners.
Then, clic on the button in the middle.
Now you can edit the perspective warp.
Right click will apply the function.
The modified picture will be created in a new layer.

2- Perspective Warp Brush
This fuction apply the Perspective warp to your current CustomBrush.
Use Left Mouse Button to edit the shape.
Use Right Mouse Button to apply the function.
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Re: Perspective warp

Post by Elodie » 06 Oct 2009, 11:34

thanks for sharing this Manuel =)

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