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Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 15:53
by ZigOtto
Excellent, gugu !!!
soon or later, you will need a second monitor, to get a room for all these custom panels !...

Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 16:00
by TVPaint
maybe we cannot see that he already has a 2nd monitor full of other custom panels :lol:
anyway, those brushes are really wonderful (i've already said that but i mean it !!)

Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 16:10
by malcooning


gugu, you are a thumbnails making factory! if you had a real, live studio (maybe you do...) you'd have hundreds of cups holding thousands of brushes, and no room to put the canvas! :)

do you have any more great brushes to share?


Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 19:20
by A1
very nice drawing(s). It seems like you have taken some time to
investigate your brushes!
I'd love to see some of your animation. It looks vividly interesting...

Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 20:04
by ZigOtto
what's this button for ???
is that chinese canabis ? :o 8)

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 11:54
by gugu

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 12:11
by Hervé
gugu wrote:我做的是逐层控制的自定义快捷键面板,绘画时快捷方便示意图如下:
I am doing is a self-defined shortcut keys layer control panel, painting when convenient maps as follows

Good work gugu :D

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 12:16
by gugu

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 12:19
by Hervé
gugu wrote:这是用几种面板里的画笔综合绘制的画,如图:
This is faced with several Lane comprehensive mapping of the brush painting, figure :

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 12:24
by gugu

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 12:33
by Hervé
This is the face of continuous particle opened FX :

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 12:47
by gugu

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 13:11
by Hervé
gugu wrote:象这样的一张画用自定义画笔涂抹天空和山石,只需要一分钟就完成了。
Since the definition of a painting as a brush coated sky and the mountains, only one minute to finish.

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 13:42
by ZigOtto
wonderfull gugu!!!
Please, can you post some of your creations (paint an/or animation in the Gallery of this site,
I really would love to see some of your amazing work!

congrats, and keep up the good work. :D

Posted: 28 Jan 2007, 11:35
by fabrice_
I agree with Zig,

Your creations seems to be very interesting Gugu. Please post more pictures / animations. :D