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Palette management

Posted: 08 Nov 2018, 15:24
by D.T. Nethery
When a new (empty) palette is created , there is a pop-up box to name the palette.

Let's say I name the palette - SCENE_01_Night.

Now I add color swatches to the palette. When I am finished making the palette, I click on 'Custom Panel from current palette'
but the custom panel that is generated is named 'Palette Bin' , instead of the name I gave to the palette previously ('SCENE_01_Night') .

It is not difficult to click on Edit> This Panel > Rename to rename it from 'Palette Bin' to 'SCENE_01_Night', but why is that extra step necessary?
It would be better for the custom panel to automatically retain the same name as the palette . Then later if the user wants to rename the custom panel ,
use Edit> This Panel > Rename , but the default name of the new custom panel should be the name originally assigned to the palette.

Re: Palette management

Posted: 13 Nov 2018, 11:02
by melanie
Thank you. It has been fixed for the next update.