Alternate Ellipse Guide

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Alternate Ellipse Guide

Post by deruji » 05 Apr 2019, 13:36


during work on several scenes I have frequently wished that the current ellipse guidelines could present more relevant information for drawing. Currently the tool shows an A Radius and B Radius in pixels, which I do not think is quite useful.
I want to suggest an ellipse tool that uses more features, such as actually displaying the Minor and Major Axis to help align the ellipse, and allow the user to rotate the ellipse by directly touching the axis.

Furthermore, instead of showing pixels for Radius A and B, it would only/additionally show the degree of the tilt of the circle it represents. As far as I understand it, the ellipse is supposed to represent a circle tilted at various angles, in my example these are 75, 60 and 45 degrees. Additionally the tool would be able to keep the tilt angle proportionate to the major axis(radius of the circle).
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