Alf Prøysens Barnesanger

Show us your drawings and animation made with the TVPaint technology here !
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Hans J. Sandnes
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Re: Alf Prøysens Barnesanger

Post by Hans J. Sandnes » 02 May 2011, 09:32

Thank you so much! All of you :D We're really appreciate your comments!
D.T. Nethery wrote:I have shared the link on CartoonBrew and to your blog with my students and my colleagues in the traditional animation department at Academy of Art University and
as yet another good example of high quality animation work that looks and feels like traditional "Disney-style" animation, but is drawn paperless in TVP.

Congratulations on completion of this project and I look forward to seeing what your studio will do next.
Thank you :D We feel honored to be mentioned on your sites. Thank you very much!
Fabrice wrote:Cool Would be really helpfull for newsbies and pros. I can't wait to read
Thanks! As I told Elodie, I'll make a post on how we're working. I'll add some screenshots and comments, and we'll appreciate your input on the process, new ideas etc. Coming soon!
D.T. Nethery wrote:to me it is the software that most closely duplicates the traditional animation process
and I think it is something that most traditional animators fall in love with once they try it .
Absolutely. TVPaint is absolutely fabulous. My favourites are the way the light-table works, the brushes, and the way all layers can be used together (colouring, stencils etc.)
Discovering TVPaint was like "taking on an old shoe..." (if you see what I mean). It's all there...

Looking forward to talk to you all!

All the best, Hans

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Hans J. Sandnes
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Paperless animation blogpost

Post by Hans J. Sandnes » 05 May 2011, 07:31

As I promised, I've written a blogpost on how we animate, using TVPaint. Feel free to add comments or suggestions :D
Here's the full article: ... ation.html" onclick=";return false;

All the best,

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Re: Alf Prøysens Barnesanger

Post by Elodie » 05 May 2011, 08:09

Thank you again very much for those interesting informations =D

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