CURE for the lower bottom artifacting-CB PAINT 2

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Lou Bruno
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CURE for the lower bottom artifacting-CB PAINT 2

Post by Lou Bruno » 29 Dec 2007, 23:45

I just discovered a CURE for the lower bottom artifacting that is present when the CASSIE downconverts in HDV and produces SD clips. There is apparently an underscan situation in SD resulting in a line or pixelation along the bottom and right side of the clips. When the user decides to use these clips, which are letterboxed as a SD project for viewing, the artifacting is visible on a 4:3 TV OR an underscanned HDTV.

I entered a 20 second clip of Niagara Falls which displayed this anomaly into CB PAINT.

The scene automatically becomes a layer.

THEN....I simply RENDERED out the scene w/o adding anything.

The scene is back into the scene bin and ALL the artifacting is GONE...cleaned-up.

But gets better...much better.

I then entered in CB PAINT a SD scene with a slight digital dropout. When I executed the aforementioned, the clip was "smoothed-out" beter than the NOP process.

SO......We may be onto something as it relates to clearing up synch and other scene corruption problems by simply using CB PAINT.





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Post by Volker » 30 Dec 2007, 23:27 I always say, CBPaint is magic 8) :lol:
Volker Hill

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Post by Cliff » 02 Jan 2008, 13:52

:D Another great use for CB Paint. Now I just have to get serious about learning and mastering CB Paint.

Thanks TV Paint for adding the CB Paint to your forum. Thanks Lou for requesting it.

Hopefully the Macrosystrem family will put it to good use.


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