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Posted: 15 Jan 2007, 20:57
by lemec
[*]version 1.33
# added in "jump-rejection sensing" that rejects large jumps in cursor position (such as those caused by the user lifting up the stylus out of range and then placing it near the edge). If a positional jump is greater than 8x of the minimum ramming speed, it will reject the movement without remapping the monitor.

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Should I add in multi-language support? I could have wacswitch accept separate .INI files that would have the various words translated, and anyone could write new .INI files for other languages...

Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 17:00
by fanany
hi Lemec,

your link (above) is broken ,
The selected Attachment does not exist anymore
the one at the top of the thread can't find/access the server (DAO?)

nevermind, the previous version I got (1.32) works like a charm!

a handy tool you've done here, thanks a lot!

edit: the one at the top of the thread is now a couple, and they work. thanks.

Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 20:39
by malcooning
lemec, it's a really fun tool.
I now use it, and I think that soon I will get used to it in a way that It will be difficult to work without it. And like it happens to me with other features in TVPaint, I can see myself ramming my cursor to the edge of the screen in photoshop, not understanding why it's not jumping to the other monitor...

tell me one thing, how did you become such a wizard in developing plugins for aura/tvp?

thanks for your insistent efforts!

Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 21:04
by ZigOtto
malcooning wrote:... how did you become such a wizard in developing plugins for aura/tvp?
... for Aura???
he's too young for that!...

Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 21:19
by malcooning
... for Aura???
he's too young for that!...

didn't realize that!

Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 21:25
by lemec
malcooning >> that tool works for ALL programs, not just TVPaint! But it does make it a lot easier to use with TVPaint (especially if you like having the layer view or have tons of other palettes and reference images open at the same time

As for the programming stuff... I've been programming since I was 9 -- so it's been over 18 years of hacking that I got to this point...

ZigOtto >> too young, are you kidding? I'd been using computers since before they had hard drives! My first was an Apple IIe that ran off the old 5ΒΌ floppy drives and had this black-on-green monitor and had no operating system! I think I was about 4 years old at the time...

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 02:29
by wei803
:( :cry: no mac support?


(go cry at corner...)

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 10:08
by MrChoy
Nice thinking as usual Mark!
Shame this won't work on a tablet PC. This sort of functionality should be in-built into the Wacom software. Maybe you should drop them a line :D

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 10:27
by lemec
hahaha... many people have already dropped them a line and they are brazenly ignoring them! Check out the Wacom Europe forums -- there's a five year old thread with fairly recent posts, all from people demanding dual-monitor switching. Funny thing is that after I posted the tool there, they all stopped.

wei803 -- I don't have a mac to develop with, sorry... I'm just a scruffy guy who works as a freelancer at home...

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 10:43
by MrChoy
Well maybe I should stroll over there and add my vote :wink:

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 11:13
by Peter Wassink
it could help, cause they do listen, occasionally
i remember years ago i asked them about the possibility of a dual screen wacom
and i was not the only one because indeed they recently came up with the widescreen intuos!

... in this case they might even suggest you buy just that ...a widescreen wacom.
that would be a solution most interesting for them :?

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 11:30
by MrChoy
Well I have you to thank do I? :D
My a4 intuos 2 packed up so at the end of last year I got an A5 wide screen tablet. It is excellent for my duals screen set up and actually gives me a bigger work area than the A4.

It doesn't really help with the tablet PC (Which I now prefer drawing on despite the lower rez, pressure etc) If you add a second monitor to get that much needed screen real estate you have to use a mouse which slows things down a lot. I'm really surprised that no one thought about this TPC issue....
Actually no I'm not. They are developed by people who didn't ever imagine that people would ever want to draw on them :(

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 11:47
by lemec
MrChoy >> Don't worry -- I've taken the initiative to wire up my TPC with my second display. I will add wacom-switcher support for it shortly!

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 11:54
by Peter Wassink
MrChoy wrote:Well I have you to thank do I? :D
haha... i'd like to think so anyway :D

i guess that so many years of working as a betatester with tvpaint... putting in endless feature requests and actually seeing quite a lot of them being implemented... might have given me a skewed perception of my influence on developers :P

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 11:58
by MrChoy
Fantastic if you can do it! (Though I suspect the Wacom driver on the TPC doesn't allow you to mess with the mapping)
If it is of any help I have the tablet below the external monitor.