Disaster Preparedness Japan : English Edition (PDF)

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Disaster Preparedness Japan : English Edition (PDF)

Post by ten_zero » 17 Jul 2016, 05:14

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has compiled a manual called “Disaster Preparedness Tokyo” (Tokyo Bousai*) to help households get fully prepared for an earthquake directly hitting Tokyo and other various disasters.
    “Disaster Preparedness Tokyo” is tailored to the various local features of Tokyo, its urban structure, and the lifestyles of its residents, and contains easy-to-understand information on how to prepare for and respond to a disaster.This information will be useful now and in the event of an emergency.
    *“Bousai” is Japanese for “disaster preparedness”
    00 Introduction, Table of Contents, Symbol Mark(PDF:1.3MB)
    01 Simulation of a Major Earthquake (P14-79) (PDF:3.9MB)
    02 Let's Get Prepared
      Disaster Preparedness Actions (P80-141) (PDF:3.7MB)
    03 Other Disasters and Countermeasures (P142-173) (PDF:1.3MB)
    04 Survival Tips (P174-235) (PDF:3.1MB)
    05 Disaster Facts and Information You Should Know (P236-321) (PDF:1.9MB)

    Manga : "TOKYO 'X' DAY" (PDF:4.5MB)
Today we got an earthquake Magnitude 5.0 around the Kanto district (including Tokyo & Fukushima) and a Magunitude 4 aftershock in Kumamoto.
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If you have friends and acquaintances who invited/live/stay/visit in Japan, tell them this written in English PDF information ; especialy the people does not learn Japanese language.

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