List of all ENV-variables that TVPaint uses/reads?

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List of all ENV-variables that TVPaint uses/reads?

Post by kaspar128 » 16 Jun 2020, 11:23

I want to use some custom made plugins for TVPaint. The only way I know to use them is to copy them into the TVPaint's pluginfolder.
The plugins are not for every production so for us it would be more managable to be able to change an ENV-variable to let it point to the specific plugin-location.
We want to use a packager called "rez" (by nerdvegas), to manage different production-setups.

Is there such a variable(that works on Windows/mac/linux)?

If there is a complete list of all the environmental-variables that TVPaint reads and uses, that would be nice also, and probably streamline other production-aspects!

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