getting into and out of inlay display mode

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getting into and out of inlay display mode

Post by Svengali »

I ran into an obscure problem today with a GEORGE command while scripting the HIDING and SHOWING of custom panels (I'm trying to make an easy Zoom toggle button).

The tv_MenuHide command does a nice job of hiding away all the panels so that only the project frame is still visible. Built into the tv_MenuHIde command is an automatic switch to the Inlay view as it hides all of the control buttons. When I use the tv_MenuShow command to redisplay all of the panels they return as expected, but I'm still left without all of the video controls and all the other buttons (because I'm still stranded in Inlay mode).

I could not find any other GEORGE command which lets me exit the inlay mode...

Is this just a case of something I'm missing or do we need an enhancement to the tv_MenuShow command so that we can leave the Inlay view whenever the panels are redisplayed? Is there any other GEORGE command that will separately permit me to leave Inlay view?

Thanks sven

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Switch to inlay view and hide all non-docking panels
Show them again with tv_menushow
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Re: getting into and out of inlay display mode

Post by NathanOtano »

I hav the same problem with a script of mine and just decided to not use menuhide to avoid getting inlay mode activated
Would be a nice fix, I didn't find any commande to exit it unfortunately
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