Animbrushes, Brushes and Multiple Audio

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Paris Fox
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Animbrushes, Brushes and Multiple Audio

Post by Paris Fox » 24 Aug 2008, 23:09

Hi TV Paint Team,

I anxiously await the release of CB Paint 2 for my S-4000 PRO Casablanca. I am holding off on many of my complex productions in anticipation of Cb Paint 2 to do its magic. Macrosystem is planning on releasing an enhanced version of Bogart SE with a multilevel Archiving system. I would really like the ability to save my Brushes and Animbrushes to these Archives, the Animbrushes would go in the Video Archives and the Brushes would go in the High resolution Photo. Please make it possible for this to take place and to have an unlimited amount of space to be used for Cb Paint functions rather then the current 10 GB limit.

Even though TV Paint does not consider giving CB Paint 2 the abilities of the multiple track mixing at this time, will you continue to support CB paint in the future or does the software end at CB Paint 2 for linux? I would really use the Multiple audio function in my productions. It is too bad that this cannot be conformed for CB paint 2.

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Re: Animbrushes, Brushes and Multiple Audio

Post by Fabrice » 25 Aug 2008, 09:24

Hi Paris,

We are currently working on our Casablanca programs to make them work on Bogart.

Some people are asking for a linux version of CBPaint // TVP Animation. We have to study that market deeply before taking any decision.
Creating a Linux version would require several months of development time and thus a lot of money.
We need to be sure that enough people will buy the product before making a such investiment.
Fabrice Debarge

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