interview with blender developer

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interview with blender developer

Post by Peter Wassink » 24 Apr 2018, 19:26

this interview:

although this is an interview with the founder of the opensource 3D software Blender,
I thought it offered a lot of interesting views on software development for the visual arts.
i can imagine it would also be interesting for the TVPaint development team... for instance about UI

Chapter Marks:
-How Blender got started 2:47
-An early design decision that paid off 7:40
-When Blender had $5.5M in cash 11:36
-How Blender almost didn't happen 14:36
-Why making Blender open source was the best decision 19:03
-Ton isn't interested in money 23:42
-What separates Blender from other open source projects 27:11
-Why Blender's game engine is lagging behind 35:54
-The fallout from my Blender UI proposal 40:50
-Ton's thoughts on Autodesk 46:53
-Disney buying Pixar 1:08:10
-What's holding Blender back 1:11:06
-The UI debate 1:21:38
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