Chocolates South West

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Chocolates South West

Post by Klaus Hoefs » 05 Jul 2019, 12:37

German chocolates - produced in Africa. An ambitious young entrepreneur from Germany wants to build his existence in what was then Southwest Africa, now Namibia.
The historically-loaded former German colony and the people who live there, become the backdrop for his own self-realization - without noticing the changing political conditions.

After leaving his home town Wilhelmshaven, however, there are many setbacks for the young pastry chef Gerd Laufer and his future wife on their way to success in Africa. First the chocolate melts, because there are no cold warehouses yet. Then, the customers do not buy the chocolate, because it is too expensive and not sweet enough.

Finally, it turns out that the chocolate Santa Clauses do not sell at all - only a coincidence saves the Christmas business: chocolate Easter bunnies sell magnificently!

As the German entrepreneurship already sees himself as the victor against the challenges of the African market, the whole factory explodes during the Christmas celebration with the German Ambassador.
After a true story.


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