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Special offer for the new year 2008!


TVP Animation in Mexico


Latest version software


Featured Artist : Vincent Bedu


The animation of the month : The Sword and the PaintBrush


User Stories : LISAA


The basic video tutorials

Special offer for the new year 2008!
Special offer: 20% off TVPaint Developpement wishes a happy new year 2008 with a special offer!!

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January 2008 TVP products prices
TVP Animation Standard 8.5: 475 for 1 seat
TVP Animation Standard 8.5 education: 475 for 5 seats
TVP Animation Professionnal 8.5: 950 for 1 seat
TVP Animation Professionnal 8.5 education : 950 for 5 seats
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TVP Animation in Mexico
University of Mexico Thanks to our local reseller Grupo CVC, the University Del Vallee de Mexico ( has chosen to use the TVPaint technology. 350 of the university workstations are now using TVP Animation.
We can expect some nice works or animations from Mexico in the future!!!

TVPaint Developpement Grupo CVC

Also, Grupo CVC has now created a TVP Animation Training center in Mexico city.
Please follow this link for more details : Grupo CVC
More info soon !!

Software latest version
Version number : 8.5.9
The latest version, TVP Animation (Pro) 8.5.9, is now availale.
- If you already have the 8.5.x version, please use the "Check for Update" option in the help menu of the software,
- For those who have a prior 8.5 version (8.x), please update your current version by following this link. Fill out the form using your current Lock and Unlock codes. (You can get them by Right-clicking the info in the Help>About panel...)
Help menu Update Form

New language supported!
The German localization file has been included in this version 8.5.8!
The graphic user interface of the software is now translated into German.
You can change the language in the Preferences Panel, thanks to the Edit>Preferences in the main menu (Keyboard Shortcut [Shift-D]). TVP Animation is also available in French and English.
TVP Animation in German

Featured artist: Vincent Bedu
Vincent Bedu is a French illustrator and also a webdesigner. Well known for his numerous reviews of digital bitmap-based painting applications and graphics tablets (, he has just tried TVP Animation Pro's drawing tools and has created a nice panel of tools and brushes for TVP Animation.

Thanks Vincent!

You can download his set of brushes directly from our content-sharing forum : Go to the post on the forum.
(Membership required)
Pannel 1 Sample 2
Pannel 2 Sample 2

Here is Vincent's Testimonial : "Compared to other programs, the way to create the brushes is really easy and intuitive in TVP Animation. You can easily add a huge library of brushes to TVP Animation. I have not created animated brushes yet because it requires a little more work (lol) ... but I find the process really simple and easily customizable."
You can take a look at Vincent's website by following the link :
A full test of TVP Animation drawing tools will be available soon on Vincent's website !

Here are a few pictures drawn by Vincent with his own set of brushes...
Picture From Vincent

Animation of the month: The sword and the Brush
Here is a film created by Jean Jacques Chen, a student from the La Cambre college in Belgium. Chen, also well known as L'apprenti roi des singes on the TVPaint community forum, used TVP Animation as his main tool to create this film.
Picture 1 Picture 2
The new connections and settings of the custom brushes found in the TVPaint 8 technology were essential to achieve the desired renderings (blood, chinese brush, leaves, grass, etc ...).
The Particles Generator FX was used for the waterfalls, the Multiplane Camera FX was used for several sequences like the one with the river boat, and of course, Chen frequently used the Autopaint FX.
Picture3 Picture4

Great Work Jean Jacques!

You can see the animation here.

User Story: LISAA
Article LISAA is the first French school to create a 2D animation course based on TVP Animation...
The partnership between TVPaint and Lisaa began 3 years ago. Renaud Jungmann, the curriculum director of Lisaa, chose TVPaint when it was sold under the Mirage name in 2005 for its 2D animation courses. At this time, Lisaa was the very first school in France to accept the challenge. " I'd like to encourage the use of this tool in any part of a workflow (layout/background, anim test, animatics, visual editing...) but also to use as a tool to teach the 2D animation basics... first to teach the fundamentals (rhythm, slow motion, keys and betweenings) and then students quickly jump into TVP Animation in order to start the animatics of their projects. "

The basic video tutorials
Article Go to our "how to" Video Tutorials Homepage: 25 short videos are ready for the newbies !!
1. How to paint in TVP Animation Pro ?
2. How do I erase the current layer ?
3. How do I undo and redo the strokes ?
4. How do I select a color in the Slider Tab of the Color Picker Panel ?
5. How do I select a color from the current project ?
6. How do I choose a paper ?
7. How do I access the color history ?
8. How do I change the scale of the zoom factor ?
9. How do I rotate the workspace ?
10. How do I play and stop an animation ?
11. How do I work in full screen ?
12. How do I select a brush ?
13. How do I use the Mixer Tab of the Color Picker panel ?
14. How do I open the Navigator and Remote Control panels ?
15. How do I change the background ?
16. How do I open the timeline ?
17. How do I enable the Lighttable (onion skin) ?
18. Where is the eraser ?
19. How do I exchange the A and B colors ?
20. How do I crop the Project ?
21. How do I move a picture ?
22. How do I draw a circle and a filled circle ?
23. How do I draw a Bezier spline ?
24. How do I Re-Apply a tool ?
25. How do I change the colors of my strokes ?

Bigger and better video tutorials dedicated to 2D animation should be available soon !

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