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Special offer until March 31th 2008!


TVP Animation in California


TVPaint is on the move!
Meet the team at the Japan-Expo and MIFA 2008!


Featured Artist : Thierry Cuvelier


The animation of the month : Beton


User Stories : Jean-Jacques Chen


Two new video tutorials from the talented Chad Essley

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TVP Animation in California
TVPaint Development is proud to announce that the Californian College of the Arts has chosen TVP Animation Pro for his 2D animation course. The CCA will be joining all the other universities and schools around the world already using the TVPaint products to teach 2D animation to their students. We can't wait to see some very cool work from their students in the future!

More details about the CCA on its website :

TVPaint Developpement California College of Arts

Meet us in Festivals: MIFA and Japan Expo
In 2008, TVP Development will take part in several animation related events. That's a good opportunity to meet us, discover our product line and see some demonstrations!

MIFA TVPaint Development will take part in the Annecy 2008 international festival.

Like in past years, our Team will have a booth and will exhibit our animation software during the MIFA from June 11-13, 2008!

More informations on:
Japan Expo We are also glad to announce a partnership with the 9th edition of Japan Expo. For that occasion, several TVP Animation licenses will be offered as prizes in various contests!

The Japan Expo is the annual French convention of Japanese culture and 2D animations. The festival will be held July 3-6, 2008 in Paris-Nord Villepinte's convention and exhibition center.

More informations on:

Featured Artist : Thierry Cuvelier
Thierry Cuvelier is a teacher at the Saint-Luc School in Brussels, Belgium. He is using TVP Animation for his work and had the opportunity to create some unique tools and brushes of his own.
You can download his set of original brushes directly from TVPaint's content-sharing forum : You can download them in the content sharing section of the forum here and here.
(Membership required)
Pannel 1 Sample 2
Pannel 2 Sample 2

Here is Thierry's Testimonial : "I discovered TVPaint on Amiga in the 90's. As an illustrator, I used it only as a drawing tool and not really for animation purposes... well, at the time.
In my opinion, the most interesting and powerful function is the ability that you have to easily create your own drawing tools. Imagine that you can sculpt the shape of your painting brush, or recompose the way it is displayed to reproduce real media in an animated brush. As you can see, we are still very close to the animation concept. The creation of customized tools is one of the biggest digital revolutions."

"TVPaint doesn't have to worry about its future : its painting tools are among the best available on the market!"

The animation of the month : Beton
This month's animation is Beton, an animated film created by Ariel Belinco and Michael Faust and made entirely with the TVPaint technology.
Beton was screened in competition during the animation festival of Annecy in 2007 and received the Special Distinction of the jury in the Graduation films category. Belinco is now teaching 2D animation at the Sapir College of Israel and is of course using TVP Animation Pro for his courses!
Ariel is actually teacher in the Sapir College of Israel and ... is using TVP Animation Pro in his classroom !
Picture 1
The day to day life of a military world is disturbed by the appearance of a black kite behind its high walls. The army annoyed by the existence of this kite in its clear blue sky, decides to solve the problem.

You can see the animation here.

User Stories : Jean-Jacques Chen
Article In January, we introduced Chen's beautiful work with the animation "L'épée et le pinceau" (The sword and the pencil). This month he responded to our questions regarding his use of TVP Animation. You can now read the interview here.

You can now read the interview here.

2 video tutorials from the talented Chad Essley
Article Chad Essley, our talented TVP Animation aficionado has created two video tutorials especially for you!
1. The interface basics (approx 15 minutes)
2. The layers management (approx 15 minutes)

More video tutorials will be available soon !

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