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TVPaint Newsletter - November 2008


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o Visit our new Online Gallery !
o Switch from Mirage to TVP Animation 9
o Upgrade before November 30th 2008 !

Visit our new Online Gallery !

Since more than 10 years, TVP Animation allows each artist to express and develop his unique skill in drawing or 2D animation. During this time, we have collected and received several masterpieces of art and always wanted to share them with you !

Now, TVPaint Developpement is proud to annouce the availability of its new online gallery, featuring some famous 2D artists like Paul Fierlinger, Hisko Hulsing, Ariel Belinco, Asaf Agranat, etc ... Some impressive student works are also included, especially those from LISAA, Emile Cohl, Bezalel university of the Arts !

Just follow this link and you will discover over 70 2D animation videos and 120 images, all made with the TVPaint technology !

There will be more schools and artists to discover in the coming months !
Paul Fierlinger
Paul Fierlinger
Hisko Hulsing
Hisko Hulsing
Ariel Belinco
Ariel Belinco
Ecole Emile Cohl
Ecole Emile Cohl

(QuickTime is required for the video files and javascript should be installed with your browser)



Switch from Mirage to TVP Animation 9

Mirage 1.0 was released in 2003 (See the history of our products) with the 7th version of the TVPaint Technology.

Since this date our technology has not ceased to evolve, and several new products are born : TVP Animation 9.0 Standard Edition and TVP Animation 9.0 Professional Edition which both use the 9th version of TVPaint Technology. There is also the TVP Animation Creation Pack which is actually the biggest library of painting tools, scripts, sounds, papers, FX presets, ... ever created by artists for artists !
TVP Animation 9.0 represents the next generation and a quantum leap forward for Mirage.

Everyone who has seen TVP Animation 9.0 in action agrees that this will quickly become the "must have" tool for CG artists involved in all genres of work.

The full list of improvements since the first version of Mirage is really impressive !

You can see the new features of the current version here and the differences with Mirage on the Software Comparison's sheet.
TVP Animation 9
You can try a free trial by downloading the installer (for Mac and PC) on the following webpage: http://www.tvpaint.com/downloads.php.

In order to help you to use the trial, you can download the user manual (in English or French) on the same page.

The CG press and partners were amazed by TVP Animation's speed, quality, versatility and ease of use. In every place, the reaction to TVP Animation is unanimously overwhelming!


Upgrade before November 30th 2008 !

We invite you to upgrade your Mirage license TODAY and to benefit of one of our two main products at reduced price !
Mirage Users
TVP Animation 9 Standard Edition
TVP Animation 9 Professional Edition
Mirage Studio >> TVP Animation 9 Standard Edition
Mirage Studio >> TVP Animation 9 Professional Edition
If you want to buy a license of our current version you can achieve this directly in our Online Store. No box, no manual, no new dongle... just buy and download your TVP Animation 9.0 copy online, re-use your old Mirage dongle and save the shipping costs !!
Mirage LockCode Just follow these simple steps :

1°) Select the « Mirage Users » section in the Online Store.

2°) Select your country in the list. ( Use « other country » if you can't find it )

3°) Enter you Mirage Lock-code* in the field below the product you want to buy, the prices will automatically change and have the 25% discount.
*Your Mirage Lock-code is located in the Help > About Section of the product, as show opposite.

4°) Click on the « purchase now » button to finish the transaction !
You will find the complete price list of our products on the following webpage:

ACT NOW !! After November 30th 2008, this special offer is OVER!

Do you have any question ? Please contact the TVPaint Sales Team directly at: store@tvpaint.com